Jul 1st Isle of Man: 4 times more traffic on every plan

EDIS takes all Isle of Man services to the next level by increasing included traffic by a factor of four.Existing plans have already been updated. New services are rolled out according to the new standard.   traffic was traffic from July 1st, 2022 KVM Smart 250 GB 1 TB KVM Starter 500 GB 2 TB KVM Basic 1 TB 4 ... Read More »

May 19th NEW: London, Canary Wharf

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London #2 server location in Canary Wharf (London Docklands)

Private peerings with Twitch, Google,  Cable & Wireless.
Transit: Level3 (Lumen), Telia, Cogent, GTT, Telecom Italia

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EDIS KVM, London Canary Wharf