EDIS Belgrade, Serbia just went live!

Server location #31 - Belgrade, Serbia is live! Use COUPON: RS50CYCLES2 for 50% discount on first 2 billing cycles (2 months, 2 quarters, 2 years)Website: https://www.edis.at/en/server/kvm-vps/belgrade-serbia-beograd/ (link: https://www.edis.at/en/server/kvm-vps/belgrade-serbia-beograd/) Looking Glass: https://rs.edis.at Read More »

14th May 2019
Billing platform: impacted performance after upgrade *RESOLVED*

WHMCS supplied us with an update of their software which resolved the performance impact on large accounts.
We apologize for any inconvenience. 

14th May 2019
Billing platform: impacted performance after upgrade

Unfortunately, we're facing degraded performance on accounts with 50+ services and/or thousands of invoices. EDIS is in touch with the software-manufacturer (WHMCS). WHMCS acknowledged the issue. We are awaiting a fix in the forthcoming days and apologize for any inconvenience caused.

10th Apr 2019
Visit your vps control panel

There are different server management portals where you can do hard resets soft resets (re)install your server set rDNS/PTR for your IP set TUN/TAP select hardware drivers for hdd, network & cpu model For KVM, LXC and Linux vServer the server portal can be found here:https://manage.edis.at/vps For OpenVZ virtual server the server ... Read More »

8th Apr 2019